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Git blame it all!

Dispose the smell in your code and bathe in the glory after doing it.

BlameWarrior is in beta, for now registration is by invitation only.

Leave your email to get an invitate or email us in case of any problem.


Attack the author of the code

We'll assign the reviewers

The Random Almighty will automatically assign one of your teammates as a reviewer and let the authors to defend their creation. Start blaming the author and make him dispose of any smell in their code and you will be awarded for your efforts!

Defend your own code

we'll track discussions

Raise your shield and repel the attack! Gather strength to defend your creation! Fight for your point of view and you will be rewarded by the blessed Merge!


Hall of fame

We track statistics

Hall of Fame is the place where the strongest sons of Odin The Allfather are immortalized. Thunderbolt your code-enemies and you will be perpetuated in the Hall of Fame!

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